🚀Friends & Party System Wiki

The system allows players to add each other as friends and interact in many different ways. Additionally, players can form parties with their friends, enabling them to play together on servers.

Now available on marketplaces



  • Supports all versions [1.8.x - 1.20.x]

  • Customizable messages (+ hover and click feature & hex colors)

  • Customizable GUI (name, size, items, slots, ...)

  • Favourite Friends list

  • Custom Friend status

  • Friends' Online/Offline time tracking

  • Adjustable Settings & notifications

  • Friend Limit permissions and more

  • PlaceholderAPI Integration

  • LuckPerms Prefix Integration

  • Online/Offline Mode & Geyser Support

  • Multilingual (Supports 9 Languages)

  • Very good performance

  • Sourcecode is included

  • ... and much more

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